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I am a Radio Broadcaster with many years of experience at Presenting and Producing on Radio Stations, outdoor events and live shows. I'm based in the Highlands of Scotland.

Along with Graham Pickles I am the owner of JOLLY RADIO, in association with CROFT UK RADIO.

I host The JOLLY RADIO Breakfast Show, Mondays-Fridays, 7am - 10am. Also with Graham Pickles, (known on the show as; “The Blow Up Character 12 Desk Pickles” because he uses 12 desks for the show).

Also on the show, the "On-Air Characters", the Station Manager Rascall The Dog, the Show Chef Scruffy The Dog, and the Producer Izzy The Dog.

I am also available for Presenting Bespoke Radio Shows, Production, Jingles, Voice Overs and Live Shows.

You can contact me at